Human Warden/Shaman


Background: Crusading Zealot

I am but a humble instrument of my god. But I’m an instrument with several sharp edges, to be sure.

Backstory: You are different. At least that is what the druids of Winterbole forest tell you. You have been raised among them, but not as one of them. You are something… Different. The druids serve the forest. you are part of the forest. The druids claim they speak with the spirits of the forest. When it wishes, you speak with the forest itself. The druids refer to the goddess Melora, but you know that is just a name they use because they cannot hear how it is really pronounced.

Now you are traveling out f the forest you call home. Why? First the stream called you, then a fawn leaped across your path bidding you to follow. Finally a butterfly flitted into view and and led you here. A small tavern at the side of the King road, a remnant of an old human kingdom long since faded from glory. Now it marks the end of the civilized world and the beginning of yours. You step into the tavern to confront your destiny.


Nentir Vale Alek