Dwarf Fighter


BackGround: WarSmith

“Crafter” is too mundane a term for me, but “artist” implies a concern with form, not function. Place me somewhere in between. Call me an artisan.

BackStory: You are an apprentice warsmith. At least, you were; your master was killed in a goblin raid last week. You now find yourself in an unpleasant situation. You are almost finished your apprenticeship, having the skill of a craftsman but not the title. You cannot set up shop in a dwarven city without the title, what self respecting dwarf would buy from an apprentice? No master smith will take you on simply to promote you, that is just not how it’s done. You are not willing to start another 20 year apprenticeship. with no other choice you have entered the world of the surface dwellers to ply your trade there.

Unfortunately, you may call yourself an artisan, but your art isn’t cheap. If you want to continue your craft you will need materials and a shop to do it. A scholar named Parle Cranewing promises to pay you 250 gold to locate an old keep near Winterhaven and map what remains of it. The keep fell into disrepair when the empire of Nerath crumbled a hundred years earlier. You never know, these ruins might contain the treasures and secrets of the vanished human empire. Determined to earn the scholar’s gold, you head out in search of adventure.


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