Dwarf Cleric of Erathis


BackGround: East Rift

Huddled on the eastern shelf of the yawning Underchasm, East Rift is a living symbol of gold dwarf ingenuity and stubbornness, having survived when the surface collapsed into the bowels of the Underdark. Protected by enormous towers connected by a high curtain wall, the gold dwarves are ready to defend themselves against the drow or any other horror that rises from the depths.

Backstory: As a young boy you were apprenticed to the temple of Erathis in the East rift. You have been raised into a life of devotion and order.

The temple has been studying the history and activity of various demon and death cults. According to this research, witnesses saw a small group of death cultists traveling towards Winterhaven about a year ago. The temple has since learned that the head of this group is a dangerous and twisted priest named Kalarel.

The temple fears that Kalarel has set up secret cult in the area and is conducting unholy ceremonies. Winterhaven is a modest point of light in a world that has grown darker and more dangerous. the temple asks you to travel to Winterhaven, determine if there is any death cult activity in the area, and, if so, to stamp it out. it is a long journey from the East rift, but you cannot ignre your duty to Erathis.


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