Ominous Signs

Status: Complete

Marla of the Great Church, an earnest young priest of the deity Etrius, contacts you. She has been studying the history and activity of various demon and death cults. According to Marla’s research, witnesses saw a small group of death cultists traveling toward Winterhaven about a year ago. She has since learned that the head of this group is a dangerous and twisted priest named Kalarel. Marla fears that Kalarel has set up a secret cult in the area and is conducting unholy ceremonies. She asks you to travel to Winterhaven, determine if there is any death cult activity in the area, and, if so, to stamp it out.

The cult has been defeated; proof has been given to Marla in Fallcrest.

Quest XP:250 gp for bringing back proof that the cult has been destroyed and its plan disrupted.

Ominous Signs

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