Ruins of Empire

Status: Complete

Winterhaven grew up in the shadow of an old keep. Like other similar structures across the land, the keep fell into disrepair when the empire of Nerath crumbled a hundred years earlier. Winterhaven survives to this day, a modest point of light in a world that has grown darker and more dangerous.

A scholar named Parle Cranewing has hired you to locate the old keep and map what remains of it, promising to pay 250 gp for a complete rendering. You readily agree to explore the ruined fortress near Winterhaven. These ruins might contain the treasures and secrets of the vanished human empire. Determined to earn a reputation, as well as the scholar’s gold, You head out in search of adventure.

The map has been completed and returned to Parle Cranewing in Fallcrest.

Quest XP: 250 gp for delivering a complete map to the scholar Parle Cranewing.

Ruins of Empire

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