Trade Mission

Status: Ongoing

Bairwin Wildarson, needs an able group to represent him in
a trading venture. “I have competitors throughout
the Vale who would love to know my source for some of
my more . . . exotic . . . goods. Can I count on your help and
your ability to keep a trade secret?”
Introduce yourselves to Gendar, and tell him you represent me. He
will give you my goods and you will give him this cask.”
Bairwin hands over a small, locked cask, about the size of a
long dagger, “Remember,” Bairwin says,
“give Gendar my name—but don’t use it elsewhere.”

Quest reward: 550 gp for returning the goods from Gendar.

Sub Quest Complete

Gendar needs a group of able-bodied adventurers to
retrieve an item of commercial value. The
item to be returned to Bairwin is an ancient skull scepter;
Unfortunetly Gendar does not currently have it.
“A duergar in the Horned Hold currently
possesses the scepter,” Gendar explains, “but it clearly
belongs to me. If you happen to come across either the
scepter or the duergar in your travels, I shall pay you handsomely
for returning the scepter to me.”

The Scepter has been found and can be turned into Gendar.

Quest Reward: Gendar pays 300 gp as compensation for accomplishing this task and
turning the scepter over to him.

Trade Mission

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