Longtooth Ranger


Raised in the cold, craggy peaks of the CairnGorm peaks.

Being born a shifter is not always easy. Not in the world as it is, I was lucky for the most part. Born high up in the CairnGorm mountains, away from the politics and prejudices of the city dwellers, I was blessed, born under the full moon. It is said among my people that to be born under the full moon is to be born closer to ones’ animalistic nature, also to have more control over that nature.

Our tribe carved out a niche in that mountainous terrain, trading with the various races that also inhabited the area. Life was hard, where a short summer or poor hunt could mean starvation and death for the tribe. I fit in well with this system though, always faster and stronger then my kin I was granted respect and freedoms few in our tribe, let alone my age where given, freedoms that I used to help our people.

My natural talent at staying alive helped in the diplomatic exchange with the other races of the area. When you can learn to speak to a giant he is much less likely to put you in a pot, it also helps when the giant isn’t sure he could catch you either. So he decides to trade with you in the end, beneficial to both sides. The dwarves seemed to appreciate my ability to get them things only possessed by the giants and the way I would take interest in their culture and fighting style. At the age of 20 they gave me an Urogosh, the spear side to represent my hunting nature and axe side to bring out my newly learned fighting style.

Shortly after my 22nd cycle of the seasons a stranger came to our camp. He was a shifter by the looks of him, only different. He kept his beard cut short and well kept, and dressed in funny brightly coloured cloths. He came to tell my people of the easy life they could have in the cities. How we wouldn’t have to worry about starvation or war with the people around us. I fought bitterly with the elders of the tribe to try and convince them to stay but it was no use. The young peoples of the tribe would not be able to resist the call of civilization and the elders did not want to split the tribe. I made the biggest mistake of my life then, I decided to stay to prove a point.

I lived on my own for nearly a year before word reached me on what had happened. The stranger had betrayed my people selling them into slavery and scattering them to the four winds. I travelled down to the lowlands to track a trail already a year old. I may not find them all but I won’t stop trying. When I find that mongrel dog that did this to them I will have justice. And that’s how I find myself in my current situation.


Nentir Vale Bond