Status: Complete

Drakonskyr was visited during a dream by an Angel of retribution. It carried a message that Drakonskyr's actions were not in accordance with Erathis' will. Drakonskyr has been striped of his channel divinity powers until he proves his devotion to the tenets of Erathis… Civilization, Justice, and Creation.

Quest reward: Restoration of Drakonskyr's Channel Divinity powers.

Sub Quest

The adventurers have found a set of thrones that when sat upon display images of the labyrinth. One appears to show the labyrinth's past, while the other appears to show the near future.

The past vision shows the Minotaurs who built the labyrinth had begun to worship two entities; The God Torog and the demon lord Baphomet. The two factions went to war and destroyed the settlement.

The Future vision showed the seven pillared hall being destroyed by an army of Gnolls.

Quest reward: Survival.


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